Media converters interface between two cable types. The most common use for media converters is to insert fiber for network extensions, up to 40 kilometers or more, beyond the 100-meter limit imposed by copper cable. Fiber media converters, also known as fiber transceivers or Ethernet media converters, are simple networking devices that make it possible to connect two dissimilar media types. Media converters are important in interconnecting fiber optic cabling-based systems with existing copper-based, structured cabling systems.

ZPI Media Converters are the perfect solution for converting fiber-to-copper or copper-to-fiber without the expense of changing equipment. ZPI media converters offer a reliable, high-performance and cost effective solution to your media conversion needs. Each of our media converters conforms to IEEE standards and are available in various lengths, speeds, and all fiber types. ZPI media converters come with a 3-Year Replacement Warranty.

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