About AOM


AOM = TPM only Elevated

What is AOM, anyway?

Third-party maintenance (TPM) has been around for decades. Enterprises around the world have turned to TPM as a cost-effective alternative to expensive OEM support and maintenance.

Gartner estimates that there are currently over 10 million data center assets under TPM support.

This business typically goes direct to the service provider or through a reseller. Leaving distribution left out of the market. Distribution has faced challenges getting into the TPM market. Quoting is slow and manual while service providers are regional.

ZPI has solved these issues with Alternative to OEM Maintenance (AOM). AOM combines the benefits of traditional TPM with automated quoting, contract/asset management, detailed lifecycle analytics, and proactive remote monitoring/management

  1. AOM
  2. Break/Fix TPM
  3. Automated Quoting
  4. Contract Management
  5. Asset Management
  6. Lifecycle Analytics
  7. Remote Monitoring Management